The diary from Kågeträsk in Västerbotten – an editing project

The aim of this editing project is to publish a peasant diary from a farm in Kågeträsk in Northern Västerbotten in a critical edition.


The manuscript of the diary consists of 200 handwritten pages from 1891–1901. The diary was written by two sisters who dwelled on a farm in Kågeträsk in northern Västerbotten. The aim of the project is to publish the diary in a critical edition that also is directed towards the public at large. Since the texts are mainly written in dialect, they are also translated into contemporary Swedish.

The editing project has initially been funded by Riksbankens Jubileumsfond. Mid Sweden University, Umeå University and Skellefteå museum co-operate within the project. The publication of the volume is financed by Kungl. Gustav Adolfs Akademien. Professor Ann-Catrine Edlund is the editor-in-chief of the publication.

Project leader


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