Wind power establishments and experience values in nature areas: holistic perspective and assessment tools

This project will enhance research methods and strategies for transparent and balanced decision-making in the development of wind power establishments. The focus will be on the juncture between wind power development, outdoor recreation, cultural environments and tourism.

Vindkraftspark i fjällmiljö
Photo: Ole Rönning Kristiansson

The researchers will explore people's attitudes towards and the impact of wind power on the landscape and the attractiveness of natural areas.

The project will reflect people’s interests by using stakeholder workshops, in-depth qualitative and survey research to base its conclusions in close collaboration with local and regional stakeholders, the tourism industry and the wind power industry.

Results will be disseminated in a final report and through popular media. The deliveries include the development of an assessment tool for experience values and decision-making strategies for wind power establishments.


Project period


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Project leader

Tatiana Chekalina

Universitetslektor, Biträdande|Associate Senior Lecturer


Solene Prince

Universitetslektor|Senior Lecturer


Project members

Sandra Wall-Reinius

Universitetslektor|Senior Lecturer


Lusine Margaryan

Lektor, biträdande|Lektor, biträdande