Work without jobs: A study of gig economy workers' existence

The project will provide empirically grounded knowledge about gig economy work and workers in Sweden. The overall purpose is to contribute to the development of strategies and policies to facilitate socially sustainable working lives for gig economy workers in Sweden.


The project will provide empirically grounded, in-depth knowledge about gig economy work and workers. Researchers will examine the effects of gig-work on workers’ short- and long-term labour-and-life opportunities, and, additionally, how gig workers strategize to benefit from/cope with gig work as well as the strategies deployed to improve conditions for gig workers. The research will be exploratory and organized as an ethnographic study based on:

  1. Interviews with workers
  2. Participant observations 
  3. Self-reflective, auto-ethnographic research.

Project leader

Kristina Zampoukos

Universitetslektor|Senior Lecturer

010-142 79 12

Project members


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