NIES workshops, symposia and researcher training courses




• NIES X Research Symposium: Rethinking Environmental Consciousness: An International Research Symposium of the Environmental Humanities, Mid Sweden University, Sundsvall, Sweden 5-8 December 2014.

• Environmental Memory and Change in Medieval Iceland: an intensive graduate course in integrative environmental humanities (ecocriticism, environmental history, environmental anthropology and archaeology), co-sponsored by Reykjavik Academy, NIES, NABO, GHEA, Stefansson Arctic Institute, Mid Sweden University and University of Akureyri, Svartarkot, Iceland, 1-15 August 2014.

• Environmental Change in the Circumpolar North (working title), research symposium co-sponsored by NIES, NABO, GHEA and hosted by the University of Akureyri, Mid Sweden University and the Stefansson Arctic Institute, Svartarkot, Iceland, 1-2 August 2014.

• Inscribing Environmental Memory (IEM) project refinement workshop, Sweden, Spring-Summer 2014 (exact dates TBA).

• European Environmental Humanities Alliance workshop 5, co-organized by NIES, the KTH Environmental Humanities Laboratory in Stockholm and Rachel Carson Center in Munich (hosted by the latter), Munich, Germany, June 2014 (exact dates TBA).

• NIES IX research conference: Framing Nature: Signs, Stories and Ecologies of Meaning (co-organized with the European Association for the Study of Literature, Culture and Environment (EASLCE), Tartu, Estonia 22-26 April 2014.

• Inscribing Environmental Memory (IEM) project refinement workshop, Sweden, Spring-Summer 2014 (exact dates TBA).

• Inscribing Environmental Memory (IEM) project refinement workshop, Sweden, Spring-Summer 2014 (exact dates TBA).


• NIES VIII research symposium: Landscape, Environment, Emotion, University of Turku, Pori, Finland, 25-27 September 2013.

• European Environmental Humanities Alliance workshop 2, co-organized by NIES, the Rachel Carson Center in Munich, and KTH Environmental Humanities Laboratory in Stockholm (hosted by the latter), Stockholm, Sweden, 3-4 September.

• IEM planning workshops organized in conjunction with the NABO/GHEA/NIES workshop at Thelamork school, Akureyri, 10-11 July, and the NABO General Meeting, Stefansson Arctic Institute, University of Akureyri, 12-13 July, Akureyri, Iceland, 14-16 July 2013.

• Inscribing Environmental Memory (IEM) coordinated planning workshops, Arni Magnusson Institute for Icelandic Studies, FSI — the Institute of Archaeology, Iceland and Reykjavik Academy, Reykjavik, Iceland, 24-26 April 2013.


• NIES VII research symposium: Environmentalism, Spatiality and the Public Sphere, Oslo, Norway, 27-29 September 2012.

• European Environmental Humanities Alliance workshop 1, Oslo, Norway, 26 September 2012.

• Inscribing Environmental Memory (IEM) exploratory workshop 1, University of Iceland, Reykjavik, Iceland, 20 May 2012.

• NIES VI research symposium: Environmental Policy-making in a Dynamic World, Hornafjordur & Reykjavik, Iceland, 15-19 May 2012.


• Modernisation of Rural Landscape research workshop, Pori, Finland, 12-13 December 2011.

• Advancing Theory and Method in the Environmental Humanities, NIES-KTH Researcher Training Course, Sigtuna, Sweden, 14-19 October 2011.

• NIES V research symposium: The Environmental Humanities: Cultural Perspectives on Nature and the Environment, Sigtuna, October 14-16, 2011.

• NIES IV research symposium: The Anti-Landscape, Odense, Denmark, 8-10 May 2011.


• NIES III research symposium: Green Oslo and Beyond: Investigating the Origins and Shaping the Outcomes of Green Urbanism, Oslo, Norway, 7-8 June 2010.


• NIES II research symposium Counter Natures: Revising Nature in an Era of Environmental Crisis, Uppsala, Sweden, 21-23 November 2009.


• Nature Representation and the Geo-Environmental Development of the USA, double-session, EAAS conference, Oslo, Norway, 10-11 May 2008.


• NIES I research symposium: Writing and Thinking about Nature and American Culture in a Comparative Perspective, Oslo, Norway, 30 September 2006.