Interlibrary loans and purchase suggestions

If you need material that is not available in our collection we will do our best to acquire it for you, either through purchase or by lending it for you from another library.


You can order an interlibrary loan when you need scientific material for your studies or research that is not available through us.

You can make interlibrary loans if you are a student at, or work at, a university, college or research institution. Everyone else is referred to their local library.

Requests for interlibrary loans

Requests should be made electronically by completing the interlibrary loan form below. Note: Items available in Libris (national catalogue) are dispatched quicker if you have a Libris account.

Order a book

Order a journal article

Renew your interlibrary loan

Items not eligible for interlibrary loans are:

  • Journals (complete issues).
  • Books not intended for study- or research purposes.
  • Items already owned by us that are checked out, or items available electronically through us (for example e-books).

Loan periods and lending rules:

  • Interlibrary loans have no fixed delivery time. An email will be sent to you when the item is available for pickup.
  • Not all material has the same loan period since the lending library sets the due date. You always get a receipt with the return date and can also see your return date on My account.
  • Renewals can be requested via the renew your interlibrary loans form. However, after a renewal the item might be called back if another patron requests it.
  • The lending library is allowed to send smaller items (brochures, book chapters etc.) as copies, which can result in a fee for you.
  • If you do not return the borrowed item, or if it is damaged upon return, you will have to pay a replacement fee.

Services to foreign libraries:

The Mid Sweden Library Interlibrary Loans service can be extended to foreign libraries. Please note that the library has the right to refuse an interlibrary loan request.

Books have a lending period of 30 days with a maximum limit of 150 days. The library has the right to deny a renewal request if the book is needed by other patrons. The Mid Sweden Library does not lend out reference or course literature. Entire journal issues are not available for loan either.

Borrowers who lose our library material will be required to replace the item, alternatively be invoiced a flat-rate charge of 8 IFLA vouchers to cover processing and replacement of the lost material.

When ordering please provide us with current details of address, e-mail, contact person etc.

Charges for interlibrary loans

Charges for students

Books within Scandinavia - free.

Books from outside Scandinavia - 170 SEK/book.

Article copies - 50 SEK/article.

Article copies from our own print journals - 1 SEK/page.

Standards/patents - Going rates.

Microfilm - free.


Charges for Mid Sweden University faculty and staff

All interlibrary loans are free of charge for faculty and staff at Mid Sweden University.

Charges for public libraries

Books loans - Free of charge.

Copies (articles) - 80 SEK/article.

Frizon Bisam (articles) - Free of charge.

Frikrets NORFRI (articles) - Free of charge.

Charges for corporations, organisations and corporate libraries

Interlibrary loans and document delivery from Mid Sweden University Library

Special restrictions may apply for article copies from online databases. Please contact for more information.

Book loans - 150 SEK/item.

Copies (articles) - 150 SEK/item.

Interlibrary loans and document delivery from Sweden and the Nordic countries

Book and report loans - 250 SEK/item.

Copies (articles) - 150 kr SEK/item, or actual cost if it exceeds 150 SEK.

Interlibrary loans and document delivery from the rest of the world

Book and report loans - 400 SEK/item or the actual price if the cost exceeds 400 SEK.

Copies (articles) - 250 SEK/item or actual cost if it exceeds 250 SEK.

Charges for the public

For interlibrary loans for the public, please contact your municipal library.

Charges for libraries overseas

Charges for libraries overseas

Book loans - 2 IFLA vouchers/book.

Document delivery - 2 IFLA vouchers/article copy.

Charges for Scandinavian libraries

NORFRI loans - Free service.

NORFRI article copies - Free service.