Guided tour of the exhibition “Man in Forest, Forest in Man”

Thu 04 Nov 2021 10:18

In September, it was opening for Miun Research Exhibition’s first exhibition, with the theme Forest and Sustainability on campus Östersund. The exhibition is still ongoing and in November you can get a guided tour.

Images of forest that hangs in front of a glass window

MIUN Research Exhibition invites you to guided tours of “Man in the Forest, Forest in Man” — an exhibition in the campus library in Östersund based on research at Mid Sweden University. Maria von Essen, librarian and curator of the exhibition in Östersund, then talks about the project and ideas about research communication through exhibitions.
“I will also mention the method we in the project team have worked on and how we have thought about sustainability and reuse when we built the exhibition,” she says.

During the screening session, the time perspective and the forest theme will be the focus, as well as a shorter presentation of the researchers who participated.
“I will also tell you more about the ecopoets and the lyric collections highlighted in connection with the exhibition, and how to take part in the web-based part of the exhibition,” says Maria von Essen.

The guided tour takes about 20 minutes and is conducted in Swedish. Welcome!

Dates of guided tours
Friday 19/11 at 13.00
Tuesday 23/11 at 13.00
Thursday 25/11 at 13.00
Friday 26/11 at 13.00

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