Opening of the library in Östersund

During the summer, a lot has happened in the library in Östersund.


The remodelling has moved along nicely and we look forward to showing our new premises when we open again on August 31st. The new, grey textile floor has changed the acoustic environment and the white foiled book shelfs brightens up the library. Unfortunately, our new, pretty furniture has not arrived yet, so, while waiting for them, we have put out our old study carrels and chairs. However, we have not brought out as much furniture as we usually have; instead, we have chosen to place them sparingly so it will be easier to keep your distance from others if you wish to study in the library now, during Corona times.

With just a few more days to go, we are in the process of finishing the premises. Among other things, are books are about to be unpacked again, and they will become available for reservations as they are unpacked. Up until the 28th of August, you can pick up your reserved books in the temporary library G2363.