The University Library in figures

Mon 23 Jan 2023 15:45

The University Library has had an eventful year. Here is a selection of our operations in 2022, in figures.

The University Library’s visitors, largely composed of students and employees but also the general public, have made 154 152 physical visits to us. It is a recovery from the 2021 pandemic year when we landed on 92 883 visits.

We're here for you almost all the time.

In 2022, the physical library was open 274 days or 2304 hours. If we exclude public holidays and Sundays, this means that the library has been open 91 % of all days. That’s what we call available!

In 2022, we broke records in talking book meetings, a total of 177 meetings were conducted, which is estimated to be around 118 hours in total.

In addition, we handled about 9,000 cases via chat and email.

Loans and downloads

In total, our books were borrowed 135,379 times (including renewals). The most popular book was the course book Rapporter och Uppsatser by Jarl Backman, which was borrowed 523 times.

273 067 articles have been downloaded from our e-journals. The most downloaded journal is the Journal of Clinical Nursing from Wiley with almost twice as many downloads (3,510) as number two on the list.

Publishing support and library teaching

Publishing support at the University Library has helped to publish 1053 research publications in DiVA.

Our librarians and writing tutors have taught students in information retrieval and academic writing for about 363 hours.

In addition, our librarians through the Book Librarian service have helped students and researchers with individual tutoring in information retrieval for 236 hours.

Did you know that you'll find no less than 608 study places at our two campus libraries!

Welcome to the University Library!


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