Missing books at UB in Sundsvall

Wed 15 Nov 2023 16:18

Currently, there are many books in circulation at the university library - numerous students reserving, borrowing, and returning books, and we also dispatch many books between our campus libraries.

Bokhyllor biblioteket Sundsvall

Unfortunately, we have observed an unusually high loss of books within a specific subject area, meaning that books, according to the catalog, should be on the shelves but are not. We always anticipate a small number of books being misplaced in various ways, but what we are currently witnessing in the field of nursing is an unusually high number of missing books.

The reason for this is, of course, unknown; it could be due to various reasons such as errors during self-checkout, books misplaced on the shelves, or books being stolen. Whatever the reason, it affects all students waiting to borrow a missing book, of which there are now fewer copies available than intended. At present, we will not allocate resources to replace the missing books, and we hope for understanding regarding the extended waiting times this may entail.


The page was updated 11/15/2023