Daniel Fahlén talks about the important role of the library in the work of researchers

Tue 09 May 2023 08:00

At the university library, there is a dedicated group that works to support researchers in their work. We have spoken with Daniel Fahlén, a librarian and one of the members of the group, to learn more about how the library can assist the university's researchers.

Biblioteket Campus Östersund

Hi Daniel, can you tell us a little bit about the services the library offers to support researchers in their work? 

-Sure! There are quite a few different things, actually. Researchers and doctoral students can receive guidance in systematic information searches, reference management, and quantitative methods for analysing scientific publications. 

Researchers are also welcome to approach us with questions about open access, publishing strategies, registration of publications, research data, visualisations, and bibliometric assignments. 

Information searching is something one engages in quite often. Can you tell us more about how the library can help researchers find relevant literature and research material? 

- Absolutely! We can provide researchers with support ranging from formulating effective searches in our databases to assistance with organising larger systematic information searches. We can also help map research fields. At the library, we also assist with interlibrary loans for materials not in our collections or not available through our agreements. 

Research data is an exciting topic. So, the library can help researchers manage and organise their research data and publish their research? 

- That's right! We can help researchers get started with a data management plan, choose a suitable data repository, and then register and review data. The library is part of the university's Data Access Unit (DAU), which includes other functions. This means that researchers can also receive help with storage solutions and legal issues, for example. 

Is there anything else that the library's researcher service helps other parts of the university with? 

- Yes, the library helps both the university board and faculty offices by contributing bibliometric indicators that are used as a basis for various evaluations and for the distribution of the faculties' research funds. For several years now, we have also been writing parts of the university's annual report. The library also performs conflict of interest reviews prior to recruitment processes, dissertation defenses, oppositions, and similar procedures. 

There are certainly many different things you support researchers with. If someone wants help or wants to know more, how can they get in touch with you? 

- The easiest way is to email publicering@miun.se. If the question is about research data, one can email researchdata@miun.se instead. 


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