Did you know that you have access to NE.se via the library?

Wed 24 May 2023 12:00

Did you know that as a student at Mid Sweden University, you have full access to the extensive knowledge treasure on NE.se through the library? Wikipedia is great, but with the Nationalencyklopedin, you can take your studies to a whole new level!

Bokhylla biblioteket i Östersund

Through the library's database list, you can find NE.se and explore their vast collection of articles, dictionaries, and more. You will discover a world of reliable and high-quality information that will support and enrich your studies, regardless of the subject.

Make the most of this fantastic tool and give your studies (or your nerdy special interest) the extra boost they deserve!

Good luck with your academic adventures!


The page was updated 5/24/2023