Help Your Students Discover the Right Study Techniques

Mon 18 Sep 2023 10:49

Here's a tip for you as a teacher who wants to assist your students in finding effective study techniques. We've interviewed Robin Zetterberg, who offers personal guidance in study techniques through the university library.

Robin Zetterberg

Hello Robin! Could you tell us a bit about the study support that you are working with?

Certainly! It involves having a personal conversation, either through a Zoom meeting or in person at Campus Sundsvall where I work. We discuss things like how you learn best, your study conditions, different reading techniques, the state of your study environment, and so on. Nothing is too big or too small, and we talk about what might be a reasonable path for you to reach the level you want with your studies.

What are the most common obstacles students face when studying, and how can they overcome them?

When it comes to reading, it's important to start with yourself. We all have different reading speeds, vocabulary comprehension, subject backgrounds, and so on. So don't try to imitate your classmates; find your way to read. There are many things you can do to become more efficient with your reading, so I've recorded several short videos about different reading techniques. These videos are currently only available in swedish but contact me if you are interested in English subtitles.

Can you recommend any specific books or articles on reading techniques or study skills that you think are particularly useful?

No, not really. Many students I've met over the years have in common that they've read various books on study techniques, watched online lectures, and YouTube videos, etc., but they've found it difficult to navigate and progress in their development on their own. My advice is instead to listen to yourself because only you will have the answer to how you function best. If you get stuck and want to bounce ideas, you can reach our study support via this link, and we can together assess your situation: Study Support.

What would you say are the differences between studying on campus and studying remotely? Is there anything one can do in their study environment to become more effective?

Whether you're studying on campus or remotely, I strongly recommend establishing routines in your daily life. One routine to consider is where you study best. Sometimes, the home environment can make it challenging to focus on studying because there are many distractions. Think about whether there's a place where you can find peace for studying. It could be the university library, your local library, a learning center, or any other public place you can go to. This way, you can create a sense that you're "going to work," and that place becomes associated with meeting deadlines, being responsible for assignments, and so on.

Finally, what message would you send to all students on their academic journey?

It's important to remember that you not only have to get through your student years but also have a whole career ahead of you that you need to endure. No one will thank you for burning yourself out in the first year, so it's important to find a healthy balance with the time you have. Planning is crucial for you to feel good and have the energy for both studies, leisure, and the right amount of sleep. Also, don't forget why you're studying. Clearly define your vision and dreams for yourself. Set intermediate goals along the way that you can strive for and be reminded of the path you've chosen and where it will lead you in the future.


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