Writing tutoring

If you need support in writing academic texts, you can get it from the Mid Sweden University writing tutors.

    • Specify as clearly as possible what you need assistance with when booking an appointment.
    • Consider the type of questions you want to ask about your text during the conversation. Also, feel free to write down your queries and bring these notes to the tutoring session.
    • If a teacher or supervisor has already provided feedback on your text, it is helpful to have this feedback available during the tutoring session.
    • Be active during the conversation and take notes; ask for clarifications if there are any uncertainties.
    • Keep in mind that your entire text is unlikely to be processed in its entirety.
    • If additional tutoring sessions are scheduled, it is expected that you will have worked on your text between sessions. Therefore, review your notes and use them to independently revise the remaining parts of the text; do not wait until the next tutoring session.
    • Remember that you are only allowed to book one tutoring session per week per person or writing pair.

The page was updated 6/18/2024