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Long-term parasport development

Forskning och utveckling inom para-alpin skidåkning och para-kanot ska bidra till långsiktig parasportutveckling tillsammans med IPC, Internationella paralympiska kommittén.

Long-term parasport development

Research and development in para-alpine skiing and para-canoeing will contribute to long-term parasport development together with IPC, the International Paralympic Committee.

Innovative sensor technology improves biathlon

Studies for more than a year inside and outside the biathlon arena in Östersund have now resulted in the release of novel sensor technology that is four times smaller than other systems with the sa...

Unique characterization of elite alpine skiers

In two research articles published recently in the highly rated journal Frontiers in Physiology, Olympic skiers were studied during training and competition. These studies show that slalom skiers a...

Alf de Ruvo Scholarship for Amanda Mattsson

Amanda Mattsson has been awarded the Alf de Ruvo scholarship of 500 000 SEK for her work on Characterisation of time-dependent, statistical failure of cellulose fibre networks at Mid Sweden...

The digitalized downhill skier

From high-speed cameras to smart textiles – the Alpine elite use modern technology to refine their skiing technique. – We are working proactively with digitalization, says Tommy Eliasson, Alpine...

Running downhill

Being able to keep high speed at steep downhill slopes when running outdoors is an important factor for performance in undulating terrain. However, to date research is sparse regarding the most...

Para canoe

In para sports there are differences in performance, which is compensated by classification, where the final result is adjusted depending on the person's impairment. The project aims to make the...