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Department of Business, Economics and Law (EVJ)

Contact persons for questions regarding our programmes and subjects

Programme in Business and Economics, Campus Sundsvall
Programme coordinator: Edith Andresen
Faculty administrator: Carina Åhlund 

Programme in Business and Economics, Campus Östersund
Programme coordinator:  Anna Sörensson 
Faculty administrator: Maria Hjalmarsson

The Administrative Law Programme
Programme coordinator: Evangelia Petridou, Eva Lindahl-Toftegaard
Faculty administrator: Maria Hjalmarsson

Master’s Programmes (60/120 credits)
Master’s Programme (60 credits) in Business Administration: Accounting and Auditing
Programme coordinator: Peter Öhman
Faculty administrator: Carina ÅhlundMaria Hjalmarsson

Master’s Programme (60 credits) in Business Administration, Marketing and Management
Programme coordinator: Wilhelm Skoglund
Faculty administrator: Carina ÅhlundMaria Hjalmarsson


Business Administration
Subject representative: Yvonne von Friedrichs

Subject representative: Eivind Torp

Subject representative: Ronny Norén

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