Sundsvall and Östersund are the best student cities in northen Sweden

Thu 21 Mar 2024 11:29

Good career opportunities, safe housing, a wide range of student activities and a vibrant city life are some of the parameters that make Sundsvall take fifth place and Östersund a seventh place on Studentum's list of the year's best student cities.

"Of course, we are proud of the good rankings, but it is not entirely surprising. Many of our students appreciate the housing guarantee, which makes it easier for newcomers. In addition, we have a strong collaboration with the business community, which provides both career opportunities and degree projects, says Mid Sweden University's Head of Communications Marlene Berg.

From Studentum's survey  

Sundsvall makes a comeback on the list and climbs to number five. Sundsvall is the second best in the country at offering students good opportunities to stay and work in the city after completing their studies. According to the students, it comes in the top three among the most important priorities when choosing a student city. The students also have good opportunities for extra jobs alongside their studies (place three). Safe housing in the form of the housing guarantee is also an important parameter. 

Östersund is placed as number seven on the list, where the reason is the wide range of student activities arranged by the Student Union. For example, student union breakfasts, pub nights, dinners and sports activities. The students also like that Östersund has a vibrant and active city life with various activities, such as sports and music events. There are also good opportunities for part-time work alongside your studies, and it is easy to get housing thanks to the housing guarantee. 

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