New International Programme in Gastronomy

Fri 13 Nov 2020 08:50

A new advanced international programme in gastronomy is set to start in January 2021. As a result of cooperation within the UNSECO Creative Cities Network, Mid Sweden University will jointly deliver the one-year programme in collaboration with university partners in Parma, Alicante, and Bergen.


Initially, 20 students will be admitted to the programme, which will train experts in gastronomy and sustainability. The focus of the programme is to help students develop knowledge in local food production, gastro tourism as well as quality and sustainability aspects related to food production.
– Through the Food City Design programme, the goal is to contribute to more knowledge about sustainable production systems for food, local gastronomy and tourism – they are important elements for local and regional competitiveness, says Wilhelm Skoglund, senior lecturer at Mid Sweden University and contact person for the programme.
The programme rests on an interdisciplinary foundation and includes lectures, lab classes, study trips to established food regions and workshops with recognized food craftsmen and experts.
The programme is financed by the Emilia Romagna region of Italy all students will spend about six weeks in Parma to participate in teacher-led lessons.
– The UNESCO cooperation created the foundation for our collaboration with these leading universities and the programme will give students access to international expertise in these subjects. If the ongoing corona pandemic allows, students will also have the opportunity to carry out their project work in one of the participating regions, says Wilhelm Skoglund.

For several years now, Mid Sweden University and the tourism research centre ETOUR have been researching how cities can develop their cultural and creative industries, including Östersund’s UNESCO work.

– Studies have shown the development potential in these industries and through this teaching collaboration with Parma, Alicante and Bergen we hope to be able to improve the condition for this kind of development in our regions, says Wilhelm Skoglund.


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