Updated information about the coronavirus

Thu 12 Mar 2020 08:23

New information after the Miun central crisis management team meeting on Wednesday 11 March.


Mid Sweden University closely monitors the information issued by the responsible authorities and acts in accordance with their instructions. The new decisions made by the crisis management team 11 March are:

- Any non-necessary business trips abroad, from today and until the end of April, is to be cancelled.

- In cases if business trips in Sweden, the recommendation remains: ask yourself whether or not the business trip is necessary, and if it can be replaced by a digital option.

- If you arrange an event or have visitors at campus, ask yourself whether or not they should take place, or if they can be replaced by a digital solution. Each unit decides whether or not their own event is cancelled. Head of security Lennart Johansson will guide you, if needed.

- Programmes and courses with incoming distance students are recommended to offer distance lectures and seminars or examinations. There is an ongoing discussion between universities, ministries, the Swedish Higher Education Authority and the Swedish Board of Student Finance about what we are able to do and how it will be handled by the respective central authority.

- Tomorrow, Thursday, there will be an inhouse meeting where Mid Sweden University will look into different scenarios, possible solutions and routines. Further information about this will be published as soon as possible.

- The Administration will offer teachers extra support in order to help them with distance opportunities for their courses. The Administration will also re-prioritize its activities for a period and will establish a working group led by the Head of security. The group will be asked to answer questions and to support the activities.

- A risk analysis will be carried out together with the safety officer and trade unions.

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