It is important that incidents are reported. What can be perceived as an isolated event for the individual, can in fact be a series of events that point to a certain pattern.

Incident management
This is how we handle incidents at Mid Sweden University.

Based on incident reporting, measures can be taken so that any damage can be limited and similar incidents prevented in the future. Therefore, it is important that everyone within MIUN feels a responsibility to report, even events that do not belong to the reporters own activities. Information security incidents, IT incidents, physical and environmental incidents are reported to:

Email: or

Phone: 010-142 80 00, IT Helpdesk

Physical visit: Service center / IT helpdesk

Reporting of occupational injuries and incidents is done by employees / students via Mid Sweden University's incident reporting system (IA).

Staff                           Students

When reporting via email, please write "Incident report" in the subject line. In the email describe  what has happened. Please state your contact information, time, date, place of incident, what happened, measures taken and if the incident has been reported elsewhere. If we need to supplement the information, we will contact the notifier. Reports and data are stored and processed with regard to the Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and, if necessary, the Secrecy Act.