Business Administration

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Business Administration is a scientific discipline that covers a wide array of issues. It is a matter of efficient and effective allocation of resources within private enterprises, but also within public authorities, municipalities and organisations. The core of the dicipline consists of the different activities enterprises conduct to establish and maintain profitable business relations.

Courses in Business Administration are offered at the Mid Sweden University's campuses in Sundsvall and Östersund, and also as web based courses.
At the Mid Sweden University You may study courses on a BA level (A, B and C) and on an Advanced (MA) level.

The courses on an Advanced level are related to the different research programmes of the discipline at the university. In this way you will have direct experience of current research questions as well as expertise in the research area.

The orientations offered at the moment are:
Communication, organisation and market (Sundsvall),
Accounting and Auditing (Sundsvall),
Entrepreneurship and Business Development (Östersund)
Accounting/Controlling and Financial Management (Östersund)

Certain general and purely professional courses labelled supplementary courses are also offered. Note that supplementary courses may be included in an exam, but they are normally not giving qualifications for education on higher levels.

Business Administration is a main subject taught in several education programmes. This is valid for bachelor, magister and master exams. Business Administration may also be studied as courses independent of study programme. Business Administration is often combined with other major subjects like, for example, technology, behaviour science or law, and is then a valuable additional subject.