Business administration is a broad subject. At an overall level, it’s about efficient resource allocation in and between companies, but also in and between public authorities, municipalities and other types of organizations. The core of the subject consists of the various activities that companies carry out to create profitable business.

Courses in business administration are offered at Mid Sweden University's campuses in Sundsvall and Östersund and at distance (web based courses). At Mid Sweden University, you can study courses at the basic level and at advanced level. The courses at the advanced level are linked to the subject's research. In this way, you get direct contact with both current research and development issues.

The specializations offered are:
- Marketing and business development
- Accounting and financing

Business administration is included as the main subject in the four year “civilekonomprogram”, as well as for the bachelor's degree in the business administration program and the master's degree. The subject can also be studied as independent courses. Business administration is often combined with other main subjects such as technology, behavioural science or law, then constitutes a valuable complementary subject.

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