Business Administration BA (C), Business Relations, 15 credits

The course Business relations aims to capture how phenonema like Internet and globalization have influenced marketing. We build on the latest findings in marketing research and pay specific attention to concepts like value, relations, network and service, which have transformed the contents of most companies’ marketing strategy in a globalized world.

Autumn 2020

roomStandard course of studies
  • Start: Autumn 2020
  • Study period: Week 36 - 45
  • Study form: Standard course of studies
  • Study pace: 100%
  • Code: MIU-L2X11

Entry requirements

Business Administration GR (A/B), at least 52.5 credits, of which at least 22.5 credits was passed from Business Administration GR (B)


Frågor om kursen

Frågor om kursen

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