Geography BA (A), Global Environmental Changes, 7.5 credits

In this course you will gain knowledge and understanding of the processes of environmental and climatic change occurring around the world and the geographic variation in impacts. What are the underlying reasons for these changes? What effects can be seen around our world today, and how might we adapt? The course explores the economic, cultural, social and political conditions facing different countries and regions. The course emphasizes the need to integrate social and natural science perspectives to deepen your understanding of the complexities and interdependencies around the Earth's climatic system, human natural resource use, globalizing processes and the need for a sustainable development.

Autumn 2022

info Distance education
  • Start: Autumn 2022
  • Study period: Week 40 - 44
  • Study form: Distance education
  • Study pace: 100%
  • Code: MIU-L4X07


Distance course has no physical meetings.


Questions about the course

Questions about the course


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