Political science is a broad subject focusing on national and international socio-political issues. In today´s globalized world, people with a broad knowledge and a general overview of our rapidly changing world are constantly in demand.

Political science will provide you with knowledge in the field of key political issues and conditions.

Studies in Political science will give you tools to expand your general knowledge of societies and their political systems. Political science will provide you with both basic and in-depth knowledge about political ideas and ideologies, the political system in Sweden and in other countries, public administration, political decision-making processes, political behaviour, international politics and international organizations. Courses in Political science are offered both as distance courses and at the Mid Sweden University campuses, in Sundsvall and Östersund.

The research within the field of political science at Mid Sweden University has adapted a profile towards changing democratic conditions and the effects these new conditions have. When you reach the Master’s (second cycle) level, the connection to the research of the field will be intensified. You will find more information about the research profile of the subject Political science here https://www.miun.se/en/Research/subject-research/political-science/

Political science is an important part of several Social sciences programmes at Mid Sweden University. The subject is part of the Social Science Programme i Sundsvall, and of the Administrative Law Programme i Östersund. Afterwards, you have the option to study the Master´s programme in Political science, offered as a distance learning programme.

As Political science is always a current issue and due to the clear demand on the labour market, Political science is also part of several other programmes, as an additional qualification. You can also choose between first- and second-cycle freestanding courses, as well as in-depth courses and as complimentary studies. Some courses are offered in English.

At Mid Sweden University, Political science can be the main subject of a Bachelor’s (first cycle) or Master’s programme (second cycle). It can also be an additional subject beside your main field of study.

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