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Computer Engineering BA (C), Final Project, 15 Credits

General data

Code: DT099G
Subject/Main field: Datateknik
Cycle: First cycle
Progression: (C)
Credits: 15
Progressive specialization: G2E - First cycle, has at least 60 credits in first-cycle course/s as entry requirements, contains degree project for Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science
Answerable department: Department of Information and Communication Systems
Answerable faculty: Faculty of Science, Technology and Media
Established: 3/15/2007
Date of change: 12/11/2013
Version valid from: 1/20/2014


The purpose of the thesis is that you through an independent project will get basic knowledge of the research process and its applications in the field of information technology.

Course objectives




Entry requirements

Completed courses covering 150 credits, including Mathematics, 22.5 credits, Computer Engineering BA (C), 15 credits, and 15 credits in an object oriented programming language.

The courses in Computer Engineering with progression C must be relevant for the chosen thesis topic. The assessment is made individually by appointed examiner.

Selection rules and procedures

The selectionprocess is in accordance with the Higher Education Ordinance and the local order of admission.

Grading system

The grades A, B, C, D, E, Fx and F are given on the course. On this scale the grades A through E represent pass levels, whereas Fx and F represent fail levels.

Course reading

Required literature

Author: Mittuniversitetet
Title: Utdelat material