The subject education, which in Swedish is referred to as “pedagogik”, studies knowledge and learning related to the upbringing of children, education and instruction. The purpose is, among other things, to support and guide persons in professiory where these issues are central.

The major task of education is to describe, understand and explain processes such as upbringing, education, instruction and learning within a social context. Processes which have an impact on the behaviour of the participants take place in schools, but also in other educational contexts such as upbringing of children, staff administration, treatment and information within health care, training and competition in sport, marketing etc. The common denominator is that these processes contribute to changes in the behaviour of students, children, customers, patients, athletes and spectators as well as consumers.

Research and development oriented work in the field of education at Mid Sweden University deals with learning in a digital environment, teachers´ learning, reading and writing, school improvement and leadership in schools, evaluation of education and instruction and processes of understanding in instruction.

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