Are you interested in the understanding of human behaviour, feelings and thoughts? Do you want to learn more about how people relate to each other in everyday life as well as in the workplace? Do you find the reciprocal causation of behaviour, our motivation and mental capacities interesting? Do you want to learn about what promotes health and wellbeing? If so, Psychology is the subject for you.

Basic scientific areas in psychology are among others; personality, social psychology, developmental psychology, learning psychology, cognitive and emotion psychology. Applied areas of psychology include subjects such as; clinical psychology, psychology of the workplace, health psychology, environmental psychology and sports psychology. Applied areas which are emphasized at Mid Sweden University are those that, in a rather wide sense of the word, relate to working life and health. Examples are; psychosocial aspects of the workplace, stress, health and wellbeing, human resource management, leadership, attitudes and values, environmental issues, communication and decisionmaking. Through its variety with regard to theoretical approaches, psychology spans over many scientific perspectives. As the goal is to understand, describe and explain, scientific theory and research methodology, as well as participation in laboratory work, are fundamental to the teaching of psychology. The link between research and teaching conducted at the department is emphasized on all levels. Research at the department spans across a wide field but has a general profile towards Psychology of the workplace and Health psychology. Three partly overlapping fundamental areas are subsumed within these topics; Work- and organisational psychology, Health psychology and Experimental psychology.

Basic and applied courses of 30 credits respectivly are mandatory. After conducting a few more courses, in total 75 credits, the basic level ends up with an individual written essay of 15 credits.

Psychology on an advanced level can be studied on distancebased courses on in a distancedbased Masterprogramme. Both courses and the program have madatory meetings at Campus Östersund, Sweden.

In short: Psychology as a subject can be studied both on a basic and on advanced level, resulting in a Bachelors and/or Master degree.

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