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In an increasingly international world possessing skills in spoken and written English is vital. Knowledge of the English language’s structure as well as English-speaking countries’ culture, literature and society is important.

Mid Sweden University defines the subject area as English Studies and offers courses at undergraduate level (first cycle: A, B and C, 1-90 HE Credits) as well as post-graduate level (second cycle: Master’s program, 60 HE Credits). English Studies includes studies in culture, linguistics and literature relating to English and English-speaking countries, and for trainee teachers studies in English language didactics. English Studies consists of studies given as independent courses or as part of the teacher trainee program, and are offered as campus courses or distance and Net based courses.

The A-course concentrates on oral and written proficiency, studies in grammar as well as English-speaking countries’ culture, literature and contemporary society. The B-course emphasises a general linguistic perspective of English as a system, highlights studies of culture and literature from an Anglo-Saxon and global perspective and develops language proficiency through the use of communicative tools. The C-course further develops knowledge of language, literature and culture through studies in the disciplines of linguistic and literary theory and Cultural Studies. These studies provide the tools and basis for the production of an academic essay which is the culmination of undergraduate studies in English Studies.

The Master’s program consists of three components: Epistemology of the Humanities and the Humanities and Cultural Education (‘Bildung’), which are common courses for Master’s students at the Department of Humanities, compulsory and elective courses in the subject area as well as the production of a final academic essay. The courses that comprise the Master’s program can be studied as independent courses.

Besides the selection of courses offered at undergraduate and post-graduate levels the subject also offers short courses.

Other courses in English

Course Level Credits
English BA (A), 30 credits First cycle 30
English BA (A), Business Writing, 7,5 Credits First cycle 7,5
English BA (B), 30 Credits First cycle 30