Industrial Design BA (A), Product Semiotics, 4.5 credits

This course will provide a basic orientation in how the meeting human/thing can be described and understood in terms of a semiotic approach. The student will become familiar with semiotic concepts that facilitate communication in issues such as products' messages, connection and use. The course will also place design and objects in a social context that promotes a reflective approach. It includes the modules: – Introduction and orientation. – Human perception and intellect. Design as communication. – Semantics, syntax and pragmatics and their various functions. – Product analysis.

Spring 2021

roomStandard course of studies, Sundsvall
  • Start: Spring 2021
  • Study period: Week 3 - 11
  • Study form: Standard course of studies
  • Study pace: 50%
  • Campus: Sundsvall
  • Code: MIU-E2X12

Entry requirements

(OB 6)


Frågor om kursen

Frågor om kursen

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