Course plan

Syllabus Industrial design BA (A), Workshop Techniques, 1.5 Credits

General data

  • Code: IU096G
  • Subject/Main field: Industridesign
  • Cycle: First cycle
  • Progression: (A)
  • Credits: 1.5
  • Progressive specialization: G2F - First cycle, has at least 60 credits in first-cycle course/s as entry requirements
  • Answerable department: Department of Industrial Design
  • Answerable faculty: Faculty of Science, Technology and Media
  • Established: 6/1/2011
  • Date of change: 8/15/2013
  • Version valid from: 7/1/2013


The student shall acquire knowledge of processing tools and processing methods. The course will also give the student knowledge of material, semi-finished products and peripheral equipment.

Course objectives

The student shall:
- be able to use his or her knowledge in workshop techniques to such an extent that the student after training is able to carry out work independently using the machines.
- be able to carry out safe machine work by following safety regulations.


The course includes:
- Introduction to workshop techniques, machine use regulations.
- Material science and rules for material withdrawal.
- First aid and CPR.
- Metalworking machinery, instructions and exercises.
- Woodworking machinery, instructions and exercises.

Entry requirements

Industrial Design, 60 Credits.

Selection rules and procedures

The selectionprocess is in accordance with the Higher Education Ordinance and the local order of admission.

Teaching form

The teaching includes instructions and practical exercises in the subject.

Examination form

1.0 credits, I101: Assignment 1
Grades: Pass (P) or fail (F)

0.5 credits, I102: Assignment 2
Grades: Pass (P) or fail (F)

Grading criteria for the subject are available at

Grading system

Fail (U) or Pass (G)

Course reading

Required literature

  • Title: Kurskompendium
  • Comment: Tillhandahålls av läraren