The media exerts greater influence on our understandings of the world than any other source of information. At the same time, we are always processing and communicating various types of information in our everyday lives. The programme of Media and Communication Studies at Mid Sweden University addresses questions that relate to everyone.

Media and Communication Studies is a broad academic subject examining areas such as the power and potential of the media, strategic communication and organizational communication.
The programme provides a general theoretical framework incorporating both societal and organizational perspectives developed from a foundation in mass communication theory.
There is a tradition of cooperation with government, business and professional organizations, and this is further reflected in various research and other collaborative projects.
Courses in Media and Communication Studies can be effectively combined with courses in fields such as political science, business or technology.
Mid Sweden University also offers practical application courses within, for example, strategic communication, project work and graphic design. This gives you the possibility to choose directions during the course of the programme.
Most professions contain a communicative dimension, and therefore the subject is a useful complement to most academic programmes.
Courses are offered from beginners to advanced levels up to the Master's degree.
A degree in Media and Communication Studies gives you an effective base and can serve as a springboard for jobs in the fields of journalism, information and public relations, and media technology.