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Media and Communication Science BA (B), Research Paper in Communication Studies, 15 credits

General data

Code: MK093G
Subject/Main field: Medie- och kommunikationsvetenskap
Cycle: First cycle
Progression: (B)
Credits: 15
Progressive specialization: G1E - First cycle, contains specially designed degree project for Higher Education Diploma
Answerable department: Media and Communication Science
Answerable faculty: Faculty of Science, Technology and Media
Established: 2/21/2018
Date of change: 3/13/2018
Version valid from: 7/1/2018


The primary goal of this course is to support students to develop their basic knowledge about media and communication science as a research area by writing an academic research paper.

Course objectives

After passing the course students will be able to
- Plan and implement an independent scientific work in the research areas of media and communication, or journalism
- Show specific theoretical understanding and knowledge of within the chosen area of study
- Define a scientific problem, aim and research questions in the chosen area of study
- Show knowledge of basic, but suitable and relevant methodology to media and communication studies
- Review scientific work in the research areas of media and communication, or journalism


- The project consists of an academic essay on a topic within media and communication science.
- Students write a research paper on the undergraduate level, including theoretical discussion, literature references, empirical overview and analysis.
- The choice of topic is supported and has to be approved by the advisor
- The research paper has to utilize relevant theoretical and empirical literature
- The research paper has to construct a coherent narrative in the presentation of the chosen study area and specific subject.

Entry requirements

At least one year of successfully completed full-time studies at university level including 30 credits (ECTS) in Media and Communication Science.

Selection rules and procedures

The selectionprocess is in accordance with the Higher Education Ordinance and the local order of admission.

Teaching form

The course consists of individual research under the guidance of the advisor/teacher.

Examination form

The entire grade is based on the final paper.

Grading system

The grades A, B, C, D, E, Fx and F are given on the course. On this scale the grades A through E represent pass levels, whereas Fx and F represent fail levels.

Course reading

Required literature

Litteratur väljs i samråd med kursens lärare/handledare.

Literature is selected as appropriate in accordance with advisor.

Other information

The course is given in English with course literature in the same language. Minor changes in content and study form may occur. Any expenses for travel and materials are paid by the student. Plagiarism is not allowed and will result in a notification being sent to the Vice-Chancellor of Mid Sweden University.