Development towards a sustainable society is a major challenge, which requires knowledge on how environmental, social and technical systems interact. This challenge provides stimulating and exciting perspectives for working within the subject of environmental science.

Environmental science deals with understanding the relationships between humanity and the natural world that we are dependent on. Issues of sustainable development often affect many different areas simultaneously. A systems approach is therefore important for environmental science, as is the ability to communicate with representatives of various activities and fields of knowledge in society. The result is that knowledge of ecosystems and technological systems are integrated with knowledge of various societal functions and the ability to navigate towards a sustainable society.

Sustainable development requires that natural resources are used without causing depletion, loss of biodiversity or jeopardising the long-term productivity of our ecosystems. But it also requires social and economic development, to improve human welfare and to combat poverty. These goals must be met by methods that do not compromise the abilities of future generations to fulfil their own needs. Environmental Science is thus also about identifying development strategies within the context of sustainable use of natural resources.

Through its global nature, environmental science provides good conditions for future employment working with various international tasks.

Environmental science can be studied as stand-alone courses on first and second cycle, and can be the major subject of a bachelor or master degree at Mid Sweden University.

The Ecotechnology programme (Swedish and English), 180 hp, and the Ecoentrepreneur for sustainable development (Swedish), 180 hp, both result in a Bachelor's degree in environmental science. The International Master's Programme in Ecotechnology and Sustainable Development, 60/120 hp, contains courses in environmental science and environmental engineering. Environmental science courses are given at Campus Östersund, and as distance courses. At Mid Sweden University the subject of environmental science is represented by the professor of ecotechnology.

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