Environmental Science BA (A), Sustainable Development - Introductory Course, 7.5 Credits

Sustainable development "...meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs." What does this mean, and how do we know if our development is sustainable or if we are moving towards sustainability. These questions are investigated in this course.
  • Start: Autumn 2023
  • Study period: Week 35 - 44
  • Study form: Standard course of studies
  • Study pace: 50%
  • Campus: Östersund
  • Language: English
  • Code: MIU-B4X93

Entry requirements

The following course levels from Swedish Upper Secondary School (Gymnasium) or equivalent: Chemistry course A, Mathematics course C, and English course B.
Special proficiency in English can also be proven by for example the following international tests:
- TOEFL with a minimum score of 550 on paper based test and not below 4.0 on the TWE
- IELTS Academic Training with a minimum overall score of 6.0 and a minimum score on the specific parts of at least 5.0


Questions about the course

Questions about the course


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