Nursing is an academic subject and the main field of study in the Nursing Programme and in the Mental Health Programme. The subject is built on research and experience as well as on an overall view of man.

The subject Nursing contains knowledge on human relations, actions in the case of sickliness, illnesses and handicaps, as well as treatments to ease pain, maintain health and it also emphasizes man as an individual in a cultural and social context.
Nursing can improve the life quality and health of patients and their close relatives.
General knowledge of Nursing can be described as universal and not connected to specific illnesses or handicaps. But as nursing often takes place in different environments, like in hospitals or in the patient´s home, there are also links to more specific conditions of sickliness, illness and/or handicaps.

Research within Nursing is a wide area and originates from one of the central terms of Nursing: man, health, environment, interaction and treatment.
Research has developed central terms and theories on different levels and with a different level of variety, unique for this subject. Nursing can be linked to a number of other subjects, such as Medicine, Psychology, Pedagogics, Religion, Ethics and Behavioural Science, Social science and Sociology.

The campuses Sundsvall and Östersund offer first- and second-cycle programmes and courses. Nursing is not only the main field of study of the first cycle, this subject is also the main field of study of specialist studies, as well as of the Master´s programme (one year) and the Master´s programme (two years) of Health Sciences. Within the subject, there are also single first- and second- level courses that can lead to a Bachelor of Arts degree, a Master of Arts (60 credits) or a Master of Arts (120 credits) degree at Mid Sweden University. Nursing can also be a supplementary subject for a degree in another main field of study. Some first-cycle courses may be taught in English. Complementary courses is a term we use for courses that provide an in-depth insight into parts of a subject, but these are normally not access courses to higher cycles.

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