Course plan

Syllabus Nursing Science BA (B), Clinical Nursing, 18 Credits

General data

  • Code: OM015G
  • Subject/Main field: Omvårdnad
  • Cycle: First cycle
  • Progression: (B)
  • Credits: 18
  • Progressive specialization: G1F - First cycle, has less than 60 credits in first-cycle course/s as entry requirements
  • Answerable department: Nursing Sciences
  • Answerable faculty: Faculty of Human Sciences
  • Established: 9/6/2006
  • Date of change: 1/15/2014
  • Version valid from: 1/31/2014


The objectives and the aims of the course are that the student should:
Deepen their knowledge and understanding of Nursing Care and be given opportunities to apply the knowledge they have gained, practice new skills and increase their self-awareness

Course objectives

After finishing the course, the student should know how:
- to analyze, discuss and implement the nursing process
- to critically reflect and value various nursing situations with help of different
ethical perspectives
- to valuate and implement the specific nursing in different nursing contexts
- to document the nursing process
- to implement medical techniques and hygienically principes
- to valuate and implement scientifically research results
- to be able to display personal development in problem solving
- to cooperate with patients and their relatives as well as with colleagues.


- Assessment and documentation of the need for care
- Implementation and evaluation of the necessary care
- Administration and supervision of treatment of various types of illnesses
- Familiarity with medical equipment and the administration of medication
- Planning and execution of care measures which lead to good health, including
preventative care and rehabilitation
- Ethical principles in the analysis of decisions and consequences for patients
under care
- Identification and analysis of organisational and economic factors within the
medical sector
- Development of self-awareness and student introspection concerning their
attitudes to their future professional role
- Nursing research, evidence based nursing.

Entry requirements

Documented qualifications from another country, equivalent to the following courses:
Nursing Science; 30 credits (45 Credits)
Nursing Placement and Nursing Care 1, 2 and 3; 30 credits (45 Credits)
Medical Science 1-20 p (30 credits)
Leadership and Organisation 5 credits (7,5 credits)

Selection rules and procedures

The selectionprocess is in accordance with the Higher Education Ordinance and the local order of admission.

Teaching form

The course is based on individual teaching and learning.
During a placement period, a week of study will be made up of 40 hours, of which 35 will be spent on the nursing placement, which will be timetabled individually. Should the student be absent from any part of course, suitable compensatory can be agreed on by the student, tutor and supervisor involved. Reading and writhing tasks and seminars will account for approximately 10 hours of study week.

Teaching and supervision will be based on co-operation between the student, tutor and supervisor involved. The supervisor, a registered nurse, will take responsibility for supervising the student’s daily routines. The tutor will have regular meetings with the student and supervisor to monitor the student’s progress in her/his studies and nursing training.

Examination form

Assessment on this course will be based on individual study tasks, seminars and continuous assessment of the student’s ability to apply the knowledge she/he ha gained.

A more detailed description of the assessment procedure and the criteria for grading are given in the study plan.

Students are right to a regular examination in connection with the course together with two more examinations in one year. Those three examinations shall be based on the same literature.

Grading system

Fail (U) or Pass (G)

Course reading

Required literature

Scientific articles in the practice field.
Other information
This syllabus is for exchange students in Nursing Science and it exists in varied length but with same contents. The students from different collaborations partners apply for clinical studies from one to three months.

Rules of admission
Admission to the course will be effected according ti Higher Ordinance and the rules of Mid Sweden university.

Course Certificate
A student who is graded the grade of either passed or passed with distinction shall upon request be issued a course certificate by Mid Sweden University in accordance with Chapter 6, §§ 12-14 of the Higher Education Ordinance.

Appeal against descisions are reulated by Higher Eduvation Education Ordinance capter 12 §§ 2-3