Public Health emphasises the general state of health among the population. The Swedish Parliament has decided about national Public Health goals which should be serving as a guideline for the Public Health work in Sweden. For to realize and implement these objectives in practice, there is a need of broad Public Health competence within several official sectors and professional groups.

The Public Health science is a multidisciplinary scientific area that includes research fields such as biology, clinical medicine, epidemiology, biostatistics, social sciences, including psychology, economy and anthropology as well as transcultural research. The research areas explore the importance of social structure, working life, environment, and impact of health care systems on the health of the population. The Public Health research focuses on the so called determination factors. Trough focusing on the patterns of ill health and morbidity among different groups in the population, for example social class, age and gender groups, increase the understandings of the underlying reasons and makes possibilities for health promotion and prevention of ill health. The interventions can both be aimed on creating favorable conditions in the social and physical environment and focus on individuals as well as groups in order to increase the awareness of the connections between lifestyle and health. The Public Health Science studies also effectiveness of Health Care systems as well as different effects of Health political decisions as well as the impact of Public Health interventions on the society and different groups of the population.

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