Why are so many people on sick leave from work? Is it because of poor health, poor morals, an overly stressful work life or because the life puzzle simply does not go together? Rehabilitation science is about how work life and society can be adapted and the individual equiped so that health is promoted, health is prevented and those who still suffer from illness or injury receive a well-functioning rehabilitation.

Absence due to illness and ill health is a major problem. For the individual, long-term sick leave often leads to a feeling of exclusion. Self-confidence and self-esteem are lost and the longer time is absent, the more outdated one's skills become. Absence due to illness is also problematic for the company and society. The employer has a considerable responsibility for the work environment and rehabilitation and for society the costs of long-term sick leave are high.

Rehabilitation is a complex activity that requires knowledge in several different areas and is therefore a multidisciplinary subject. Rehabilitation science also emphasizes preventive and health-promoting efforts, ie measures that can be taken to prevent ill-health and improve health.

Four key concepts are:
1. Resource Mobilization; the focus is on resources and not on the obstacles
2. Communication; for example, attitudes, attitudes and relationships
3. Collaboration; between individual, organization and various authorities
4. Overall view; the individual must be viewed in a holistic perspective

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