Industrial Engineering and Management

In Industrial organization and management, studies of technology are combined with studies in economics and management. The core of the subject consists of applying systematic methods to understand how a variety of values are generated or lost, in different organizations. The students will also learn how to use and create digital technologies for change management and societal change purposes. As a student in industrial organization and management at Mid Sweden University, you will learn, among other things, to use methods for developing and introducing digital technologies, as well as to create commitment and understanding for them in organizations. You will also learn how to analyze and manage IT-related change processes in organizations, and to manage these changes in among individuals and organizations. Moreover, you will learn mathematical models for estimating costs, financial risks, managing uncertainties and analyzing complex decision problems to find an optimal control of a logistics system or to identify an optimal product or project portfolio. A special focus for the subject at Mid Sweden University is the analysis and management of change processes in industrial and administrative operations and how different types of information systems affect and are affected by change, as well as how these systems are related to the strategic and operational use of digital technologies. After graduation, our students can, for example, work with change and project management, as strategic buyers or logisticians, and as consultants in management.

The page was updated 1/26/2018