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Chemical Engineering MA, Individual Assignment, 30 Credits

General data

Code: KT027A
Subject/Main field: Kemiteknik
Cycle: Second cycle
Credits: 30
Progressive specialization: A1N - Second cycle, has only first-cycle course/s as entry requirements
Answerable department: Chemical Engineering
Answerable faculty: Faculty of Science, Technology and Media
Established: 5/7/2014
Date of change: 6/3/2014
Version valid from: 8/1/2014


The course aim to practice the student's ability to plan and realize a research project. The course aims at presenting the project in a scientific, written way and putting it in a scientific context.

Course objectives

Having completed the course, the students are expected to be able to:
- independently look for and use scientific literature.
- have developed in-depth scientific, analytic and evaluation skills in the different theories and/or experimental methods for the scientific project.
- independently identify the need for further knowledge acquirement of interest and plan follow-up project within the individual subject field.
- orally communicate obtained results within the individual subject field to scientific colleagues.
- communicate obtained scientific results in English, in written, within given time limits.


The individual assignment imply that the student independently or in a group of two are expected to be able to independently plan, realize and communicate obtained results in English, orally and in written, within given time limits. The thesis work should not take more than 20 weeks to finalize.

Entry requirements

At least three years of successfully completed full-time studies at university level including three semesters of Chemistry/Chemical Engineering or equivalent.

Selection rules and procedures

The selectionprocess is in accordance with the Higher Education Ordinance and the local order of admission.

Teaching form

Continuous supervision in the context of the individual assignment, based on a work plan established at the beginning of the course. At the end of the course, there will be a seminar where the thesis is presented orally.

Examination form

The examination is based on a joint assessment of the student’s written thesis and the oral presentation.

Grading criteria for the subject can be found at

Grading system

The grades A, B, C, D, E, Fx and F are given on the course. On this scale the grades A through E represent pass levels, whereas Fx and F represent fail levels.

Course reading

Required literature

Title: Individuellt val av litteratur i samråd med examinator/handledare.

Individuellt val av litteratur i samråd med examinator/handledare.