Electrical Engineering

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Electrical engineering is a broad topic, consisting of several sub-disciplines such as electronic design, measurement technology, embedded systems, electrical power and telecommunications. The subject includes the design/manufacturing of integrated circuits and computer systems as well as communication systems based on fiber optics/wireless technologies. We offer courses on basic level in Electrical Engineering.

Mid-Sweden University is a very strong research environment in electrical engineering, mainly in electronics, with seven professors, six associate professors / lecturers and over 20 Ph.D. students.
The research is located in Sundsvall, in the areas semiconductor technology, electronics design, fiber optics and telecommunications. Mid-Sweden University has a close research collaboration with Acreo FiberLab in Hudiksvall on optical fiber communications and optoelectronics. The research is performed at an internationally high level and cooperates with several renowned universities, research institutes and companies.

Electrical engineering is a central topic in several educational programmes in electronics, but also offered to be read as individual courses. In electrical engineering courses are given at the basic level and a bachelor's degree with a major in electrical engineering is offered.
For higher level degrees (Masters and PhD) the subject name is electronics. Some general or vocational courses are taught in course descriptions known as breadth courses.

If you are studying electrical engineering opens up a very large labour market with great potential for various jobs. You can work with everything between design of electronic systems and development of software-based services and infrastructure.