Electrical engineering is a broad topic, consisting of several sub-disciplines such as electronic design, measurement technology, embedded systems, electrical power and telecommunications. The subject includes the design of circuit systems on PCB level and computer systems as well as communication systems based on fiber optics/wireless technologies. We offer courses on Bachelor's level in Electrical Engineering.

Mid Sweden University has a very strong research environment in Electrical Engineering, mainly in Electronics. The research within the subject is conducted at the research centre STC - Sensible Things that Communicate (www.miun.se/STC).

The research is performed in areas such as Energy harvesting, Embedded sensor systems, Radiation sensor systems, Photonics, Power electronics and Printed electronics. In electronics and electrical engineering, Mid Sweden University is conducting highly ranked research in close cooperation with many national and international research institutes, well-known universities and industries.

Electrical Engineering is a central topic in several educational programmes, but also offered as individual courses. In Electrical Engineering, courses are given at the Bachelor's level and a bachelor's degree with a major in Electrical Engineering is offered with specialization in automation and power engineering.
Within Electrical Engineering, Mid Sweden University has a strong collaboration with national industries in the area of Automation control and Power engineering.

For higher level degrees (Master's and PhD), the subject name is Electronics. Some general or vocational courses are taught as breadth courses.

Studies in Electrical Engineering gives you broad possibilities on the labour market with great potential for interesting jobs. You can work with everything from the design of electronic systems to the development of software-based services and infrastructure.

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