Course Package in Smart Cameras, 30 credits

Smart cameras are typically used as sensors for contactless measurements of parameters associated with objects and surfaces within areas being monitored, often in combination with active illumination. These cameras are often connected to a computer communication network. Smart cameras typically include computational resources for refinement of captured data into information. This refinement lead to minimization of communicated data volumes. Robots, autonomous vehicles and process automation are examples of application areas.

This bundle of courses composes a thematic semester on technologies for the design of smart cameras. You will learn about image sensors, optics, illumination and algorithms for classical image analysis using machine learning. You will study in-depth technologies for the design of logic and signal processing systems on chip (SoC). Finally, a project assignment will allow you to immerse yourself on smart cameras and data acquisition using network of connected smart cameras. At the same time you will train yourself in conducting research and communication of scientific results.

The course package consists of the following courses: Imaging Metrology, 7.5 credits, Smart Camera Systems, 7.5 credits, Specialization Project within Smart Cameras, 9 credits, and Scientific Writing and Research Methods, 6 credits.

Autumn 2024

room Standard course of studies, Sundsvall
  • Start: Autumn 2024
  • Study period: Week 36 - 3
  • Study form: Standard course of studies
  • Study pace: 100%
  • Campus: Sundsvall
  • Language: Engelska
  • Code: MIU-DSX75

Entry requirements

Electrical Engineering BA 45 credits and Computer Engineering BA 5 credits, including basic imperative programming, and Mathematics BA 15 credits, including Fourier and Laplace transforms.


Electrical Engineering MA, Smart Camera Systems, 7.5 credits
Electrical Engineering MA, Imaging Metrology, 7.5 credits
Electrical Engineering MA, Specialization Project within Smart Cameras, 9 credits
Electrical Engineering MA, Scientific Writing and Research Methods, 6 credits


Questions about the coursepackage

Questions about the coursepackage


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