Electrical Engeering BA (B), Introduction to Embedded System Programming, 6 Credits

In this course you will obtain a basic understanding of what embedded systems are, what they can be used for, and how they are programmed. The course focuses on microcontroller-based embedded systems and you will learn to program a modern microcontroller-based embedded system in C++ and to utilize its resources in order to perform common application tasks. The course is aimed at students with no or little previous experience with embedded systems.

Autumn 2024

room Standard course of studies, Sundsvall
  • Start: Autumn 2024
  • Study period: Week 36 - 44
  • Study form: Standard course of studies
  • Study pace: 50%
  • Campus: Sundsvall
  • Language: English
  • Code: MIU-D2X11

Entry requirements

Electrical Engineering BA (A), course in Digital Electronics. Computer Engineering BA (A), 12 credits including Basic Computer Science and first course in programming.


Questions about the course

Questions about the course


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