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Electronics at Mid Sweden University covers a wide range of topics – from design and processing of electronic devices to computer systems for measurements and communications systems. At Mid Sweden University courses in Electronics are only given at advanced level.

Mid Sweden University has a very strong research environment in electronics with five professors, two adjunct professors, six associated professors, and more than 20 PhD students
The research is performed in the areas of semiconductor devices, circuits and systems, and fibre optics. The research group in electronics are closely cooperating with many national and European research institutes. The research is of high international level and is carried out in joint projects with the most well-known universities, research institutes, and companies.
Electronics is a specialisation of Electrical Engineering. At Mid Sweden University it is possible to obtain a Bachelor, Master, Licentiate, and Doctors degree in electronics. Electronics is also a specialization in the professional master programme.

Studies in electronics open up many possibilities for employment with good possibilities to large varieties of professions. After completion of the master programme, you can for example work with design of electronics systems, industrial measurement systems, sensor networks, and development of telecommunications systems.