Electronics MA, Energy Management in Embedded Systems, 7.5 credits

The objective of the course is to provide an understanding of the design requirements and parameters for an energy supply system for embedded sensor systems. The acquired knowledge should enable the students to design an energy supply system fulfilling a given specification. It should also provide knowledge in modeling and simulation of components associated with energy supply systems.

Autumn 2021

roomStandard course of studies, Sundsvall
  • Start: Autumn 2021
  • Study period: Week 35 - 43
  • Study form: Standard course of studies
  • Study pace: 50%
  • Campus: Sundsvall
  • Code: MIU-D2X81

Entry requirements

Electrical Engineering BA (AB), 60 credits, including digital electronics, micro controllers and analogue electronics.


Frågor om kursen

Frågor om kursen

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