Quality Technology and Management

Quality is perhaps the most important concept for successful companies and organisations of today. It is not only about developing products and services which will result in more satisfied customers and increased profitability. It is also about developing and improving the activities internally within the organisation. You could say that quality technology is about the art of becoming the best!

The ever-changing needs and expectations of customers together with increased international competition make companies and organisations increase their focus on quality management. The overall purpose with proactive and systematic work with quality issues is to get more satisfied customers at a lower cost. Quality technology or quality management is a relatively new subject field which has raised interest in the business world and among public organisations. Examples of areas that are included in quality technology are leadership and total quality management, customer relations and satisfaction, and processes and product development (goods and services). Knowledge in quality technology is to be regarded as independent of type of industry and is therefore relevant within all types of education.

Courses in Quality Technology offered at Mid Sweden University are based on current international research. Some of the courses are offered as location-independent courses i.e. distance education and are built on the use of web-based tools, group work and individual work with supervision as required and some joint lectures. This course requires the students’ active work with problem formulations that reflect the efforts that different companies and organisations make to develop products and operations with the objective to improve the results of the different processes.

Today there is a great demand for co-workers with competence within the quality field, not only among the fast-growing companies producing service and knowledge, but also among schools and in the public sector.

Mid Sweden University also offers a supplementary education programme in Quality Management and Leadership, 60 higher credits.

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