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Please contact the International Relations Office for general questions regarding your exchange studies. For questions of academic nature, please contact the academic contact person at the relevant department.

Contact information

International Relations Office

General inquires:


International Coordinator: Emma McKeogh, Campus Sundsvall


International Coordinator: Amanda Berglund, Campus Sundsvall


International Coordinator: Cathrine Gladh, Campus Sundsvall

International Coordinator: Ellen Horbach, Campus Östersund


International Coordinator: Sara Grut, Campus Östersund

International Coordinator: Maria Fredlund, Campus Östersund


Faculty of Science, Technology and Media, NMT

Department of Ecotechnology and Sustainable Building Engineering, EHB

Academic contact person: Nils Nilsson, Campus Östersund

Department of Computer and System Science, DSV

Academic contact person: Vacant

Department of Electronics Design, EKS

Academic contact person: Claes Mattson, Campus Sundsvall

Department of Design, DES

Academic contact person: Kevin Gater, Campus Sundsvall

Department of Information Systems and Technology, IST

Academic contact person: Olof Nilsson, Campus Sundsvall

Department of Chemical Engineering, CHE

Academic contact person: Birgitta Engberg, Campus Sundsvall

Department of Quality Managament and Mechanical Engineering, KMT

Academic contact person: Åsa Danvind, Campus Östersund

Department of Media and Communication Science, MKV

Academic contact person: Solange Hamrin, Campus Sundsvall

Department of Natural Sciences, NAT

Academic contact person: Bengt-Gunnar Jonsson, Campus Sundsvall

Department of Mathematics and Science Education, MOD

Academic contact person:  Cornelia Schiebold, Campus Sundsvall


Faculty of Human Sciences, HUV


Department of Business, Economics and Law, EVJ

Academic contact person: Maria Bogren and Marta Lindvert, Campus Östersund,

Department of Humanities, HUM

Academic contact person: Magnus Perlestam, Campus Sundsvall

Department of Health Sciences, HLV

Academic contact person: John Selander and Helen Hanstock, Campus Östersund,

Department of Nursing Sciences, OMV

Academic contact person: Annika Kjällman-Alm, Campus Sundsvall Bosse Ek, Campus Östersund

Department of Psychology, PSY

Academic contact person: Kerstin Weimer, Campus Östersund

Department of Social Sciences, SHV

Academic contact person: Evangelia Petridou, Campus Östersund

Department of Social Work, SOA

Academic contact person: Angelika Kaffrell-Lindahl, Campus Östersund

Department of Tourism Studies and Geography, TUG

Academic contact person: Lusine Margaryan, Campus Östersund

Department of Education, UTV

Academic contact person: Jakob Billmayer, Campus Sundsvall