The campuses are located 180 km apart. Therefore, select courses at one campus only, and make sure that you have courses for the duration of the semester.

Please note that even though it is possible to apply for any of the courses in the list, applications to courses in subjects where there is no agreement with your department may not be accepted. We ask all partner universities to ensure that they nominate their students in the subject stated in the partnership agreement and that they inform their students that this is the subject in which they can apply for courses. This is to ensure students don’t end up in a situation where they cannot find suitable courses for their exchange.

A corresponds to basic level courses, B to continuing courses and C to advanced courses. Bachelor students may be eligible for admission to Master level courses. This is determined on a case-by-case basis.

When applying for courses, please note the weeks the course is given and the study pace, to avoid schedule clashes. Full time courses are usually taken one after the other (consecutive scheduling) or, if the courses are part time, two courses may be taken during the same time period (parallel scheduling).