The admission of exchange students is granted to qualified students nominated by their home university. However, the student must fulfill the general requirements for admission and the specific entry requirements for the chosen courses. Certification of English proficiency is not required for exchange students from partner universities.

General entry requirements

To fulfill the general entry requirements the applicant must:

  • have successfully completed upper secondary education

  • have successfully completed at least one year of higher education at the home university

  • have received a nomination for exchange studies by the home university

Specific entry requirements

In addition to the general entry requirements, some courses also have specific entry requirements. For specific entry requirements and further details about the courses, please check the courses description for each course.

Entry requirements to courses taught in Swedish

To study courses taught in Swedish, the student must have passed a Swedish language proficiency test (TISUS-test) or have another Scandinavian language as his/her native tongue. Information regarding the TISUS-test.